let it happen

you are important. you are loved. you are worth it.
don't give up.

I ♥ U


New photo of Jeremy, Bliss & Kat by Solomon Davis

@kittykatdav: Just retweeting daddy … Aka @schzimmydeanie #blissbellethebuttercupfairy #photoshoot #love by @SOLO9113 ❤️🍄 


If one day you feel so awful that you want to take your life away, i want you to remember that you are more than your life, you are more than how you feel and more than even yourself. You are in everything and everything is in you. I want you to remember that everything you do, everything you say has an impact around you, even the smallest one. You are important. You are bigger than your mind, you matter way more than you think. Dont ever forget that.


Maybe Sam Pepper should have watched this episode.


So i decided to do a promo guys ! yay :3 Just to make things clear, this is MY opinion, if you don’t get picked, I’m sorry. Your blog is great anyway because it is YOURS, with things YOU love, ok ? You do it for yourself, for you to like it, alright ?

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bne era

you can’t be too careful anymore, when all that is waiting for you. won’t come any closer, you’ve got to reach out a little more

super super proud of you!

Thank youuuu :’)


5 years of Brand New Eyes!

I am so proud of myself. I changed so much these past few months. I’ve chose to save myself. It takes time but I can definitely feel it now. A few years ago, I made wrong choices like bulimia, I chose to hide behind food (somehow). But now things have changed. I am not saying that I totally recovered which is not true but it’s better than before.
A few months ago I decided that I needed help. At first it was just a little bit, I decided that it was time for me to open my eyes (and this ladies and gentlemen is really hard, just to accept that you have a problem is reaaaally hard.) and my mouth at the same occasion. And god knows how good it feels. It’s scary at the same time but now I know that I can get better. Tonight even though I didn’t feel like it, because it’s really hard for me since I’m pretty heavy, I went to the gym. I suffered, yes, but now I feel like a hero because again I chose to save myself instead of choosing the couch. And this, even if it’s not much for some people, makes me proud of myself.
You know, things will never come easier you just have to change the way you see them and decide that every little thing (or even the really hard times that come sometimes) that happen to you is positive, because it can help you change or even make you grow up. Everything happen for a reason, you just have to open your eyes, your mind and even your heart and let them happen, and then learn from them, the positive or the negative. They make you realise that you were doing something wrong or right in your life. Trust me life is beautifully made, you just have to believe it.

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